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Can anyone use Spots?

Spots is only available for use by college students with a valid university email from accredited universities in the United States of America.

Why does Spots require my Facebook account to operate?

In order to make the setup process easier for you, Spots pulls data from your Facebook account to automatically initialize your profile with basic information.
Spots will never post anything to Facebook on your behalf.

How do I put up my Spot?

Open up your Profile page by clicking on Profile in the navigation bar. Select the Your Spot tab. Here you will have the option to activate the Spot Sharing toggle. You will then be prompted to fill out your Spot profile with details like street address, price per night, pictures etc. Hit the save button once you are satisfied with the information you have entered. Happy Hosting!

Why do I have two different profile pages?

Spots users have a personal profile page as well as a Spot profile page. Users have the option to view their potential host’s profile and Spot details before deciding to send them a request. Similarly a Spots host shall typically inspect their guest’s profile before acting on a reservation request.

How do I change my name or my age?

Your name and age data are pulled from your Facebook profile when you first log into Spots. To change your name and/or age on the app, update the relevant information on Facebook and allow 24 hours for the information to update on our servers. You may have to log out and sign in again for the changes to update in the app.

How do I add pictures to my profiles?

Open up your Profile page by clicking on Profile in the navigation bar. Tap the edit button Edit Button to open the edit page. On the edit page click on the add picture button Add Button to upload your pictures to your personal profile. Follow the same process in the Your Spot tab to upload pictures of your Spot.

What do the stars on Spot profiles mean?

Once they’ve said their goodbyes, the Spots host and guest both are prompted to rate their experience with their guest and host respectively. These ratings give users the opportunity to leave feedback for their host (or guest). Additionally users can use this as a factor to consider when embarking on their next hosting or travelling adventure.

Can I message someone who hasn’t accepted my request?

Spots users can only message each other once a request has been confirmed by the host it is sent to.

My Map is slow to update. Why?

Please make sure you have a strong internet connection. Spots works best on 4G LTE service.

How do I search for Spots that aren’t around me/in my city?

Use the search bar Search on the map page to look for available Spots in any location you desire. Happy hunting!

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, reach out to the Spots team at