Spots is committed to the safety of its users.

This is why we have implemented a variety of safeguards to protect users from fraud.

First and foremost, users must have a verified email account ending in .edu in order to make a profile. This ensures that all of our users are current students of an accredited college or university.

Facebook verification is another way that we ensure the legitimacy of user profiles. By pulling information from Facebook like names and images, Spots makes it nearly impossible for users to create false profiles and misrepresent themselves. Phone number verification at sign up serves the same purpose with the added benefit of ensuring that one person cannot create multiple profiles.

We also have a verification process for all sorority sisters that sign up with our app. In order to ensure the safest experience for all sisters, we will only verify a sorority sister through direct contact with their chapter. If you wish to become a verified sorority sister in the Spots app, contact us about getting your chapter verified.

Furthermore, users who violate the Spots code of conduct for hosts are immediately banned from the app and their profiles removed.

At Spots, we want to make your experience great. If for any reason you feel unsafe or suspicious of a host or guest, please do not hesitate to report the person through their profile or contact us.